Dear diary

Is it possible to follow you during your travelling, Joyce?”,
“Making us jealous with you stories, Joyce?”,
“At least, you have 1 follower for your blog already!”.

A blog, right. I hadn’t thought about that. These quotes brought me back to that little girl who, every time she got a new journal for her birthday, Christmas or Easter, swore an oath to write something every single day. The result: In the farthest corner of my closet lay five journals containing not more than 5 stories each. All the other pages:┬ájust white pieces of paper, never touched, forever unwritten.

But, that was then and now is now. Hereby I am going to take the oath once again,

“Dear diary…”

Wait, that is not right.

“Dear readers, hereby I swear to write about my Indonesia adventures on a regular base”.

And this post marks the beginning.

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