Embassy Adventures

My to do list told me that I had to arrange a visa to get into Indonesia. Again something to check from my list. Easier said than done. Let me start at the beginning.

Febuary, 27

The day it all began. I made an appointment to apply for a visa and filled in the form that was part of it. After having answered all the question and made up half of it, I was ready to go to the appointment on March, 11.

“Date of return. No idea, I’ll just write something down.”

March, 11

I arrived at the Indonesian embassy and immediately found a travel companion; the gentleman working at the front desk, sitting with his newspaper surrounded by a fake Indonesian climate, in the form of a heater.
After filling in all my personal details such as name, address, phone number, favorite color, favorite food to eat, I was ready to make my way to the waiting room. Don’t forget to draw a ticket, or else it will never be your turn. My appointment was set for 12 AM and just like destiny, my ticket said number 12 as well. For now they still showed number 11, almost my turn. I sat down. Prepared myself for a long wait (as I was 30 minutes to early), but just as my butt touched the chair I immediately rose again as it was my turn. Both drawn ticket as the appointment I made suddenly weren’t required anymore. (note to myself: In Indonesia, appointments are just formality and drawing a ticket is just for show…).
With my passport in my left hand, my application form in my right hand and a large dose of good feeling, I walked to the (what seemed like) the nice lady behind the glass, shoved my documents in her direction and I waited.

“Your itinerary please…”
“But that … that I do not have with me.”
“Oh no, Can you print it? Use the computer over there.”

That was fine by me. I just print my itinerary and wait for my turn again. No problem.
Meanwhile, an elderly couple also forgot there itinerary  But where I have to bike for 10 minutes to get to the embassy, they had to come from the other site of the country. With a little help retrieving the needed information, their visa application was accepted!

In between my first rejection and my second attempt, I thought back to filling in the application form.

“Date of return. No idea, I’ll just write something down.”

Slowly this feeling crept into my naive head, thinking that I may really need a ticket out of Indonesia. They may think I want to stay there and work illegally.
Well, there goes nothing. De same lady calls me back to her again. I felt like a little kid that had to give a presentation to a whole class full of others as all the others waiting for their turn could listen how this little Indonesian lady pushed me in the dirt.

“Do you have a return ticket?”
“No not yet, but I’ll go to another country after Indonesia.”
“Oh no, not possible.”

With a fierce hand the lady shoves all my documents back at me. The speed in which everything went, made me stand dumbfounded. Of course she is right. What if stay in Indonesia. Stupid, my fault.

March 17

After booking a return flight it was time for my second attempt. This time, that drawn ticket and appointment were damn important! *Pling*, I see my ticket number on the big screen and I walk towards the desk with all the right papers, including my return ticket.

“Do you have an appointment?”
“No. The other lady told I could show up without appointment.”
“Oh no, you really need an appointment…”

There the whole circus started all over again… But, in the end and even on that same day, my visa application got approved!

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