Making My Way To Yogya

Clammy walks, adrenaline kicks on ojeks (motercycles), risking your life when crossing an intersection, going on photos with groups of children making you feel like a celebrity, Jakarta’s nightlife and big discussions about Lychees and Rambutans. This pretty much sums up all adventures in Jakarta. What a great start :)

Chapter ‘Jakarta’ is finished. On to the chapter 2: Yogyakarta.
With my big backpack on my back, my daily back in front, blonde hair, sweaty forehead and tall ┬ástature I am waiting for the train. At exactly 8 AM the train arrives at the platform. I step in the right coupe and find my seat: 3D. The trainticket cost me 19 Euro’s. For this price I got the most comfortable class. What do you get here? Well, a wonderful chair that you can tilt without bullying your back neighbor, loads of leg space (In The Nethelands that even is a problem), a cushion, blanket and staff constantly walking by with food and drinks. Oh, you also get an electricity socket, a movie to watch (for me it was ‘The Mummy Returns’) and great scenery with rice paddies, mountains and villages.

Once in Yogyakarta I jumped straight in a tuctuc and drove to the hotel, which a friend of mine told me about. It is a fairly secluded hotel, more for couples. No way I am going to meet any backpackers here. Stupid of me. So, coming from 3 days non-stop fun, this was a very weird (and unpleasant) transition. The large bed I have and getting in touch with home makes up for it. Tuesday a friend I met in Jakarta will come over who happens to have the same plans. For now I will get some rest, and discover Yogyakarta on my own.

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