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Welcome To Jakarta

“Calling for miss Joyce for flight to Singapore.”

The words that would be the start of my journey.
The voice kindly but firmly asked me to make my way to the desk as soon as possible. I wondered what was going on. I was on time and had no check-in difficulties. Maybe they already lost my luggage?! I walked to a lady working there and told her that my name was announced. A great way for bypassing the queue for going through the metal detectors and scans.

At the end everything was fine. Turned out my seat had been changed. 37H became 34H with an empty seat next to me as compensation. Great!

The flight to Singapre was long, but didn’t feel that way. Plenty to do and lots of food and drink.
The so muched feared transfer at Singapore Airport turned out irrelevant (of course …). It is just like changing trains.
Where the long flight to Singapore mainly was filled with Dutch people, the flight to Jakarta was dominated by Asians. Loud coughing and sneezing formed the tune in this plane.

Jakarta, finally! After some suspiciously looking eyes staring at me and my visa, I made it outside the airport. Searched for an ATM to get 200 Euro’s in Rupees (I thought) and jumped in a taxi to go to the first hostel. The trip cost me 300,000 Rupees (19 Euro’s). The ride itself was very impressive. People who can drive here and keep themselves undamaged and unarmed are real masters. ¬†Arriving at the hostel I found I didn’t get myself 200 Euro’s in Rupees, but 200,000 Rupees. Great, 100,000 Rupees to short.
In the end I paid 33 Euros (my 200,000 Rupees I got and a 20 Euro note). Newbie action to the max.

Welcome to Jakarta!

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