Jalan Jalan

“Jalan Jalan”

This is the Indonesian verb, meaning “walking”. A Savior when walking through a street cramped with tuctucs, taxi’s and rickshaws. Some of the drivers lay asleep in very charming poses, including exposed belly and all. The others all ask the same:

“Do you need a ride?”

To make clear you do not need a taxi or any other mean of transport, you just say these two magical words (far more powerful than saying no) and voilá, they won’t ask you again.

After a long walk (think a march walking inside a sauna the size of a city) and after drinking gallons of water and immediately sweat that out again, I decided to jump on a rickshaw for the last part.

Just sit back and let the gentleman make its way to the hotel.


After a while, my inner compass told me we weren’t going the right way. I had no clue where we were anymore.

My head and feeling told me we weren’t going the right way. I had no clue where we were anymore. At that exact moment the gentleman stops to ask someone the way, resulting in a long discussion.
Second attempt. Mister jumps on the rickshaw and starts to pedal again. Not for long. A few minutes later the man stops. Still lost.
Luckily I just downloaded this application which makes my phone able to show maps without an internet connection. This worked great with the GPS.
Third attempt. Again the gentleman starts to paddle en turns 180 degrees around. I follow the blue dot representing us on the display of my phone. Left, another left and we are there. Mister decides to turn right.

“Nooo no no, left. You have to go left.”

Eventually, he listens to me and turns left after all. Until we reached the hotel, the gentleman was the engine of the rickshaw and I was the navigator. The last part I walked. He had already biked for far to long! A tip and a big detour later, I made an unexpected sightseeing tour through Yogyakarta and finally ended up in my hotel room.

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