Terima Kasih Banyak Indonesia

A few days ago I decided to go home earlier than planned. This for various reasons.

The past couple of weeks have been an unforgettable experience with loads of Indonesian adventures. This certainly will not be my last trip. That’s for sure. I remember the flight to Indonesia. I looked ad the screen in the headrest in front of me. At that moment we flew over Calcutta, India. All of a sudden I got this feeling inside me and all kind of thoughts rushing through my head.

“Wow, I have never been this far from home.”
“What am I doing?! To the other side of the world on my own?!”
“What if I don’t meet anyone?!”

Not even after 10 minutes in the first hostel and all these thoughts turned out to be invalid. I haven’t been alone for longer than a day or so and I met so many great people with whom I definitely stay in touch with. I am so thankful for this.

Even the times that I was on my own I appreciate now. At that moment , being alone seems scary. But these times, actually are very sacred. You start to think. Think about what you want with the rest of your life and think about the things you already own. Somebody summarized this very well: resetting your brain

What a wonderful time it was. Little sleep, lots of fun evenings, lots of walks, great new stories and experiences and lots to have learnt.

Thank you very much Indonesia! I will not forget you.

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