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Traveller’s Tales: Gecko

Gecko, proud owner of the website: NE/BE De Reizende Geckos (The Travelling Geckos) and proud owner of many stories about her travels, answered the 10 questions as well. Read her story here.

Do not forget to check out her website and all the beautiful photos she and her husband made during their travels by clicking here.

Who are you?

Gecko (nickname). I’m married to a very nice and patient guy. It had to be this way because I’m not patient at all.

How old were you when you first started travelling?

Oh dear, I was 23 when I set my first steps in this beautiful and cruel world.

Where did you go on your first trip?

The ex-USSR; visiting Kiev, Moscow and Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). Not really a much visited country back in 1986.

Have you ever travelled solo?


What is your opinion on travelling solo / with someone?

Both have pro’s and con’s. It depends, I think, on your own way of looking at things.
I like going on a city trip or a short holiday on my own, just to rest, to get out of a stressful life. Since I met my husband we always travel together, me being the holiday agent and he being the photographer. Nice mix isn’t it?

Did travelling change you as a person? How?

Travelling is learning, all the time. It keeps on going as long as you travel or love travelling. It changes your personality time after time. Even if you think nothing has changed. Look back into your life and you’ll realize: Jeez! Is this me?! How crazy!

What is the best/scariest/craziest/saddest or most exciting experience you had during your travels?

The most exciting: Bali; the best: the US; the scariest: Venezuela and Isla Margarita; the craziest: Laos, when I discovered the difference between a roasted chicken and a roasted rat… The saddest is yet to come: when I can’t travel anymore.

What countries have you visited so far?

Do I have to mention them all?! Have a look at my website (NL/BE). You’ll find the full list on the first page, aphabetically ordered.

What is still high on your ‘to-go-to’-list?

I always make my plans for the next 3 years. Time enough to gather genuine information and cheap air fares. Here they come:
2014: Sri Lanka and Maldives,
2015: The Balkan countries, all 10 of them,
2016: Greenland and Iceland,
2017: Malaysia, including Borneo.

Still to be planned: Lebanon, Iran, Nepal, Taiwan, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Madagascar.

If I say ‘travelling’, what is the first thing that pops into your head?

An endless trip.

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