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Traveller’s Tales: Rob

Rob is a veteran when it comes to travelling. Exploring the world on his own at first, after that with his wife and now as father with a set of new eyes and a fresh mind to see the World’s beauty and all its perks.

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Could you tell a bit about yourself?

I am Rob from Portsmouth in the UK. I have been travelling for numerous years mostly around South East Asia but I also spent a year in Australia and a few years in Japan. I have recently become a father so travelling has reduced a little while my budget recovers! I write about my travels on AdventureRob.com and am currently finishing up my first book, which is a novel about a hitman in Japan.

You are born in the UK. Have you played tourist-in-own-country?

Not so much apart from some long drives for fun, but I intend to over the next couple of years. I can tour the country with my Japanese wife who will help me see the place through a traveller’s eyes. She thinks of the UK as the land of Harry Potter for a start!

How old were you when you first started travelling and where did you go to?

My first trip abroad by my own was when I was 19. It was a weekend city break to Rome. I loved it so much and learnt more about myself and history in 3 days there than I did in 5 years at school. It was that trip which confirmed to me that I should make a big effort to spend more time out of my home country and comfort zone.

What is your current location?

I am currently based in Tring in the UK, which is one of the most beautiful villages in the country with some great history, having its high street built by the romans, recognised by the domesday survey in 1086, connections with George Washington, Edwards the Second, William the Conquerer and a relation to Lord Rothschild who rode around Tring in a zebra drawn carriage (wikipedia). It is quite an eccentric place!

On your website I read you met your wife in Japan. Do you travel together with her?

Yes, we have travelled together around Japan and to the USA and hope to go around the UK and Europe extensively over the next few years. My blog has gone from covering a single man drinking in inflatable tubes floating down the Mekong river and driving across Australia, to honeymooning in Vegas, and soon to be travelling with a child in a more sensible style (well maybe not that sensible bit). Life is a journey as much as travel is, and I hope to reflect that in my blog.

Have you ever travelled solo? What is your opinion on travelling solo vs. with someone?

I initially travelled solo extensively as I mentioned above. I am fortunate to have done both styles. They both have their benefits and downsides and for that reason I actually prefer a mix between the two. I find I see more and get more done on my own, but travelling with a partner is like bringing an extra lens in your camera kit. It is another way to view the world, at times it doesn’t seem worth bringing, but sometimes it is just magic and makes the effort worth it (I am into photography so please excuse the poor comparison!).

What place did you least enjoy and what place is your number one?

I least enjoyed LA. Things just seemed to go bad there generally which may have marred my opinion, but I found it awful to get around, public transport was infrequent and distant from the places I wanted to go. Every attraction was far away, and even hiring a car didn’t help as I was set in traffic, so I didn’t get to see much in the time I spent there compared to other cities in which I spent the same amount of time.
It is difficult to pick a favourite destination as I had many great experiences in different places, but everything seemed to just go great in Singapore, and it was almost the opposite to LA in terms of getting around. I could (and did) see the whole country very quickly and there were a lot of good things on when I visited, in addition to that I made some great friends there, half were local half were travellers, so people really mix well. LA in comparison had people either wanting my money from me, or wanting me to get out of their way.

What is the best/scariest/craziest/saddest or most exciting experience you have had?

Being based in Fukushima, Japan. March 11th, 2011. It was the best because I was there to experience it, BBC world news interviewed me as the first and most accessible foreign person there. The scariest because my life and everyone around me was at risk and totally out of my/our control and I didn’t know what to do, and then after being shaken and surviving to know that a nearby nuclear reactor had exploded, and the roads were destroyed so there was no escape. Craziest because it came from nowhere and saddest because people who I had gotten to know and become friends with had to face the possibility of never seeing their partners and children again and not being able to even find their faith for days.

What is still high on your ‘to-go-to’-list?

Number one for a while now has been Machu Picchu in Peru. Ever since Rome and Angkor Wat in Cambodia, I can’t get enough of fallen ancient civilizations and speculation about their downfall! I also still have the Trans-Siberian Railway, Le Mans 24 hour and the lesser known Orda Cave in Russia well up high on the to-do list!

If I say ‘travelling’, what is the first thing that pops into your head?

Freedom and Fun

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