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Ready For Take Off

Who expected that this week was filled with more hard, little, Indonesian embassy ladies are wrong. This week, in fact, was very ‘smooth’. Even picking up my visa went without a single struggle.

This week was filled with meeting people, the birthday of my aunt, many ‘have fun’-wishes and ‘farewell’-sayings, getting the last bit of stuff (dont forget, sunscreen and lots of mosquito repellent) and a systematic evasion of packing my backpack.
Monday I received a lovely postcard from my 1.5 year old neighbor, Luc with a wonderfull drawing on it. What a great start!

Wednesday morning around 10:30 AM the airplane starts its engines and takes of to Singapore. Here I will hop onto the next plane to Jakarta where I will arrive on Thursday around 8:30 in the morning (3:30 AM Dutch time).

Let’s see, all the important things? Passport: check, ticket: check, money: check, ‘Where’s Wally’: check. Okay, that should do it. Let the journey begin!

Embassy Adventures

My to do list told me that I had to arrange a visa to get into Indonesia. Again something to check from my list. Easier said than done. Let me start at the beginning.

Febuary, 27

The day it all began. I made an appointment to apply for a visa and filled in the form that was part of it. After having answered all the question and made up half of it, I was ready to go to the appointment on March, 11.

“Date of return. No idea, I’ll just write something down.”

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Dear diary

Is it possible to follow you during your travelling, Joyce?”,
“Making us jealous with you stories, Joyce?”,
“At least, you have 1 follower for your blog already!”.

A blog, right. I hadn’t thought about that. These quotes brought me back to that little girl who, every time she got a new journal for her birthday, Christmas or Easter, swore an oath to write something every single day. The result: In the farthest corner of my closet lay five journals containing not more than 5 stories each. All the other pages:┬ájust white pieces of paper, never touched, forever unwritten.

But, that was then and now is now. Hereby I am going to take the oath once again,

“Dear diary…”

Wait, that is not right.

“Dear readers, hereby I swear to write about my Indonesia adventures on a regular base”.

And this post marks the beginning.