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© Sudhamshu Hebbar - Fruit stall in Mylapore, Chennai

Vegetarian Survival: My Experiences and tips

Veg · e · tar · i · an
(NOUN) A person who does not eat meat or fish and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious or health reasons.

No steak or chicken or bacon has ever reached my mouth. OK, wait. Bacon did but besides that ,meat never appealed to me in a way some people are simple ecstatic about it. At the age of 10 I completely stopped eating meat and started my veggie-filled life.

Travelling and vegetarianism may sound like an odd combination. Especially when travelling in meat-devouring countries for instance in South America, or where the language barrier can be an obstacle like the Asian countries. In fact, it isn’t that bad after all. Here are some of my own experiences and tips.

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