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East Canada, Geoguessr

Highscore! Making a game out of Google Maps

Fellow Google Mappers and Google Streetviewers,

Want to play a game? Take a look at this fun (and informative) game. Geoguessr has 5 rounds. Every round you are dropped somewhere on this world and it is your job to figure out where it is.  The closer your guess is to the actual location the more point you score.

Just like art with its different movements that vary a lot (think of Surrealism compared to Cubism compared to Pop-Art). After a while you start to see the differences. Same goes for the different locations this game shows you. From the wooden chalets in Norway, the palm trees in the middle east to the mowed lawns in the American suburbs. Practice makes perfect.

The world is a huge place – get exploring! Oh for your information, the picture you see here is a road somewhere in the East of Canada. My highscore? 14,020.

© Joyce Goes - Paris

Love, Light, Macarons & Blisters

Paris, Oh la la la. City of Love, Light, Macarons and fake fund raisers.
July last year, my cousin and I made a city trip to Paris. 5 days discovering this beautiful city.
After we booked everything and shared the needed ‘info’ on certain social media to collect a few dozens of likes, people I know told me their Parisian experience. The 2 conclusions I drew from this:

Everything in Paris is beautiful. The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, The Louvre. Everything.

In Paris you get robbed. Guaranteed. No question about it.

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© Alex Conu

Real Time Aurora Gallery: Live images of Aurora Borealis

I particularly love this website as seeing Aurora Borealis is high on my list. Planning on seeing this magnificent natural phenomenon can be a bit of a hassle, as it is not visible all year round everywhere. By viewing the real time photos uploaded on Real Time Aurora Gallery, you can track when, where on Earth you have to be to get your best chance of seeing it.

Besides photos of Aurora Borealis, also images of planets, clouds, galaxy’s, stars and much more are uploaded. Have a look and see for yourself by clicking here.

Photo:  © Alex Conu on spaceweather.com

© Sightsmap

Sightsmap: Showing the World’s most photographed places

Sightsmap shows the places people like, based on the number of Panoramio photos at each place in the world. The brighter the color, the ‘hotter’ the locations.

The goal of Sightsmap is to find and explore places interesting for tourism and sightseeing. Users can filter popular places by their estimated population, type and tags. It is also possible to use a link ending with any place name you want to discover, like: http://www.sightsmap.com/new_york. It will bring you straight to the highlights of the city of New York or any other location you wish to discover.

Want to visit the most famous destinations according to Sightsmap? Besides New York and Buenos Aires, all the other eight can be found in versatile Europe! Check it out.

Top 10 most photographed locations:
1. New York
2. Rome
3. Barcelona
4. Paris
5. Istanbul
6. Venice
7. Monte Carlo
8. Florence
9. Buenos Aires
10. Budapest

© JoyceGoes - Zakynthos

Traveller’s Tales: Joyce

To give some inspiration for the beginner and experiences travellers, someone tells his or her story based on 10 questions.

This time Joyce tells her story.

Who are you?

My name is Joyce. I am 23 years old and living in The Netherlands.

How old were you when you first started travelling?

The first time I count as real travelling was this year. I was 22 years old at that time. Besides that I made a fair share of city trips and other trips.

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© gimhaetravellers -koh lipe

Traveller’s Tales: Grainne

To give some inspiration for the beginner and experiences travellers, someone tells his or her story based on 10 questions.

This time, Grainne – An Irish girl in Korea – answered the questions. Want to know more about her? Visit her blog by clicking here.

Who are you?

My name is Grainne. I am a 29-year-old girl from Ireland, but have been living in South Korea for the last 4 years.

How old were you when you first started travelling?

I guess the first time that I travelled for longer than 2 weeks would have been when I was 20. I spent 3 months living and working in San Diego.

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© De Reizende Geckos - Vietnam

Traveller’s Tales: Gecko

Gecko, proud owner of the website: NE/BE De Reizende Geckos (The Travelling Geckos) and proud owner of many stories about her travels, answered the 10 questions as well. Read her story here.

Do not forget to check out her website and all the beautiful photos she and her husband made during their travels by clicking here.

Who are you?

Gecko (nickname). I’m married to a very nice and patient guy. It had to be this way because I’m not patient at all.

How old were you when you first started travelling?

Oh dear, I was 23 when I set my first steps in this beautiful and cruel world.

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We Love London (Well, I certainly do)

It has been a week ago since me and my friend stayed in London for a couple of days. Besides us visiting some friends we met during our traveling (She went to Thailand, I went to Indonesia), we just love London.

People may think London as this big, touristy stretch of ground with far to much traffic jam and maybe that isn’t completely untrue, but London has so much more to offer that will make you take those few things for granted.
London is a very versatile city. You like visiting museums during your trips? No problem! You don’t even have to pay entrance fees for most of them. You rather stroll around little markets and enjoy shopping? London is your place! How about some nature and quiet times? You got it. London has some beautiful parks and the train brings you to lots of other, less touristy towns and villages where you can enjoy your time away from all the happenings. Oh, and let us not forget about the pubs and nightlife. London isn’t that short of them as well.

As you can see, London offers all kinds of everything; for anyone!

Terima Kasih Banyak Indonesia

A few days ago I decided to go home earlier than planned. This for various reasons.

The past couple of weeks have been an unforgettable experience with loads of Indonesian adventures. This certainly will not be my last trip. That’s for sure. I remember the flight to Indonesia. I looked ad the screen in the headrest in front of me. At that moment we flew over Calcutta, India. All of a sudden I got this feeling inside me and all kind of thoughts rushing through my head.

“Wow, I have never been this far from home.”
“What am I doing?! To the other side of the world on my own?!”
“What if I don’t meet anyone?!”

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Monkey Business

After long days filled with temple visits, hiking up volcanoes, jalan jalan, every time being photographed and lots of binteng beer, we finally made it to Bali. After arriving on the island, we got on a bus that brought us to the capital; Denpasar.
Busses aren’t according Dutch standards. First of all, the bus will not depart unless it is all the way occupied. Secondly, the busses don’t have AC, but who needs one? De door of the bus is opened the whole time, even when it is moving. The ride itself also is slightly different. In stead of bus stops, you just let the driver know when you want to get off. Besides that, the bus makes some unforseen stops to see if the bus is OK, the chat with acquaintances and to repair a flat tire. The last one resulted in  traffic accident, where a passing car didn’t saw the tire laying on the ground until the last second, in a reflex tried to avoid it and with this action hit a motorcyclist. No-one was harmed, just a little bruise. An hour later we arrived in Denpasar….

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