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East Canada, Geoguessr

Highscore! Making a game out of Google Maps

Fellow Google Mappers and Google Streetviewers,

Want to play a game? Take a look at this fun (and informative) game. Geoguessr has 5 rounds. Every round you are dropped somewhere on this world and it is your job to figure out where it is.  The closer your guess is to the actual location the more point you score.

Just like art with its different movements that vary a lot (think of Surrealism compared to Cubism compared to Pop-Art). After a while you start to see the differences. Same goes for the different locations this game shows you. From the wooden chalets in Norway, the palm trees in the middle east to the mowed lawns in the American suburbs. Practice makes perfect.

The world is a huge place – get exploring! Oh for your information, the picture you see here is a road somewhere in the East of Canada. My highscore? 14,020.