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© Backpackingman - Wakhan Valley

Traveller’s Tales: Jonny

A life of travel. In 1997, at the age of 20, Jonny found that this was what he wanted to do with his live while he was in his first months abroad. And since that moment in that year he hasn’t been doing any different. With numerous of countries visited and loads and loads of experiences gained in the passed few years, Jonny is living his dream.

On his website ‘The Backpackingman‘ Jonny writes about all his stories. Definitely worth a visit!

Could you tell a bit about yourself?

I grew up in a lot of countries due to my father’s work, so I was kind of used to the travelling lifestyle. I am totally addicted to the freedom that comes with it. It suits my personality perfectly. Meeting new people and experiencing things I haven’t tried before never gets boring.

How old were you when you first started travelling and where did you go?

When I reached 20 I got the urge to explore and so I did. I took a flight to Cairo in Egypt and on my second day there landed a job as a film extra in Egyptian movies. I haven’t lived at home since, and have spent the last 17 years travelling and working my way around the world.

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© AdventureRob - Kyoto, Golden Temple

Traveller’s Tales: Rob

Rob is a veteran when it comes to travelling. Exploring the world on his own at first, after that with his wife and now as father with a set of new eyes and a fresh mind to see the World’s beauty and all its perks.

Follow Rob on his journeys on AdventureRob.com and definitely read Rob’s tale down below.

Could you tell a bit about yourself?

I am Rob from Portsmouth in the UK. I have been travelling for numerous years mostly around South East Asia but I also spent a year in Australia and a few years in Japan. I have recently become a father so travelling has reduced a little while my budget recovers! I write about my travels on AdventureRob.com and am currently finishing up my first book, which is a novel about a hitman in Japan.

You are born in the UK. Have you played tourist-in-own-country?

Not so much apart from some long drives for fun, but I intend to over the next couple of years. I can tour the country with my Japanese wife who will help me see the place through a traveller’s eyes. She thinks of the UK as the land of Harry Potter for a start!

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© gimhaetravellers -koh lipe

Traveller’s Tales: Grainne

To give some inspiration for the beginner and experiences travellers, someone tells his or her story based on 10 questions.

This time, Grainne – An Irish girl in Korea – answered the questions. Want to know more about her? Visit her blog by clicking here.

Who are you?

My name is Grainne. I am a 29-year-old girl from Ireland, but have been living in South Korea for the last 4 years.

How old were you when you first started travelling?

I guess the first time that I travelled for longer than 2 weeks would have been when I was 20. I spent 3 months living and working in San Diego.

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© De Reizende Geckos - Vietnam

Traveller’s Tales: Gecko

Gecko, proud owner of the website: NE/BE De Reizende Geckos (The Travelling Geckos) and proud owner of many stories about her travels, answered the 10 questions as well. Read her story here.

Do not forget to check out her website and all the beautiful photos she and her husband made during their travels by clicking here.

Who are you?

Gecko (nickname). I’m married to a very nice and patient guy. It had to be this way because I’m not patient at all.

How old were you when you first started travelling?

Oh dear, I was 23 when I set my first steps in this beautiful and cruel world.

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