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Amsterdam – London

Details                                                                             Results:
From:                                                                                Highest price:
AMS – Amsterdam Schiphol                                € 221
To:                                                                                      Lowest price:
LHR – London Heathrow                                       € 122
When:                                                                              When to buy?
mo 7 July 2014 – mo 14 July 2014                  6+ weeks / mo, tu

From Sunday the 13th of April I kept track of the prices of a ticket to London in July. The prices started at around € 125. The prices went up and down a few euro’s for up to 6 weeks. After than the prices started to climb up to a point where the highest you had to pay for a ticket was almost 2 times as high as what we started at. The best day to buy a ticket to London: Monday and Tuesday.

London - Price per Day before Take-off
London – Price per Day before Take-off
London - Average Price per Week
London – Average Price per Week
London - Average Price per Day
London – Average Price per Day

We Love London (Well, I certainly do)

It has been a week ago since me and my friend stayed in London for a couple of days. Besides us visiting some friends we met during our traveling (She went to Thailand, I went to Indonesia), we just love London.

People may think London as this big, touristy stretch of ground with far to much traffic jam and maybe that isn’t completely untrue, but London has so much more to offer that will make you take those few things for granted.
London is a very versatile city. You like visiting museums during your trips? No problem! You don’t even have to pay entrance fees for most of them. You rather stroll around little markets and enjoy shopping? London is your place! How about some nature and quiet times? You got it. London has some beautiful parks and the train brings you to lots of other, less touristy towns and villages where you can enjoy your time away from all the happenings. Oh, and let us not forget about the pubs and nightlife. London isn’t that short of them as well.

As you can see, London offers all kinds of everything; for anyone!