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© Joyce Goes - Paris

Love, Light, Macarons & Blisters

Paris, Oh la la la. City of Love, Light, Macarons and fake fund raisers.
July last year, my cousin and I made a city trip to Paris. 5 days discovering this beautiful city.
After we booked everything and shared the needed ‘info’ on certain social media to collect a few dozens of likes, people I know told me their Parisian experience. The 2 conclusions I drew from this:

Everything in Paris is beautiful. The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, The Louvre. Everything.

In Paris you get robbed. Guaranteed. No question about it.

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Amsterdam – Paris

Details                                                                             Results:
From:                                                                                Highest price:
AMS – Amsterdam Schiphol                               € 247
To:                                                                                      Lowest price:
CDG – Paris Charles de Gaulle                         € 94
When:                                                                              When to buy?
mo 7 July 2014 – mo 14 July 2014                 6+ weeks / mo, tu, we, su

I started keeping track of this ticket the 13th of April, 12 weeks up front. The first 6 weeks the prices showed a steady line. After that the prices started to go up and even got to the point that the tickets were 2.5 times more expensive. The best days to buy a ticket to Paris are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday.

Paris - Price per Day before Take-off
Paris – Price per Day before Take-off
Paris - Average Price per Week
Paris – Average Price per Week
Paris - Average Price per Day
Paris – Average Price per Day